There are many ways to support the Tidewater Winds!
Read below to figure out which option is best suited for you!

In an increasingly competitive world economy and marketplace, it is important to our community
standing to have a strong fine arts presence. Local, regional, national and international business have
found that partnering with the Tidewater Winds demonstrates their commitment to keeping Hampton
Roads a worldwide business leader, and also provides them with valuable entertaining, networking,
and recognition benefits.

The Tidewater Winds offer many opportunities for businesses to sponsor concerts. Choose
from a special event, single concert, or a whole week of programming!

Tidewater Winds Events

Enlightened corporations have discovered that special events are effective for both client
entertaining and corporate recognition. Have the Tidewater Winds host your next event!
There are many opportunities for your company to get involved. Please call us at 757.480.0953 for
more details; we will be happy to tailor a proposal to meet your needs.

Tidewater Winds Sponsors
Tidewater Winds is funded in part by the following: