Tidewater Winds Concert Band

Amber Kidd
Darla Wilmot
Esther Yi*
Joshua Stone


David Boone
Harvey Stokes
Rena Long


Angelina Nguyen*
Kecia Yeates
Laura Parker
Noah Sych*
Stephanie Sanders


Aiden Cotter*
Amanda Fleenor
Anthony Yan*
Cathy Ogram
Connie Kevorkian
Cosmos Fristachi
Ed Haywood
Eddie Knakal
Erin Root
Gabe Clemmons
Gabriel Henkin*
Jonathan Carr
Lee Cooper
Micah Lall-Trail*
Michelle Knipple
Noah Moyer *
Rachel Owen*
Shelby Worst*
Steve Clendenin




Bass Clarinets​​

Alan Brown


Buddy Creasy
Brandon Waltz
Matthew Pohl
Gabriel Doone
Elise Donley
Brian Webb
Fernanda Azevedo
Jessica Perks
Laura Cathcart
Robert Deis
Tommy Loyola
Frank Creasy


Teresa Dolsak
Eric High
Nancy Johnston
Rebecca Peppard


Austin Simmons
Ben McCarthy
Bill Lemley
Brandon Sklute
Chad McGill
Denise White
Heath Losick
Nathan Coffman*
Renae Adrain
Robyn Card
Tim Singer *
Tom Graper


Carl Lundgren
Chris Espy
Devonte Ezell*
Lee Dise

Austin Simmons
Renae Adrain
Nathan Coffman
Denise White
Ben McCarthy
Carroll Bailey, Jr
Robyn Card
Tom Graper
Heath Losick
Benjamin McCarthy
Chad McGill
Benjamin Siff
Nathanael High
Brandon Sklute
Jimmy Whittemore

Jay Larkin
Kevin Rigotti
Bradley Schaefer
Tony Williams

Crew Driver
Greg Neal

Crew Chief
Raymond Rodrigues




Alex Federico*
Brian Sklute
Ken Keller
Mike McKenna


Adam Robles
Jim Cipirano
Phil Sloan
Steve Rossman
Tim High *


Mel Lauf

Chris Livernois
Dan Knipple
Gary Weaver
Jonathan Wuidjuno
Kimberly Haywood
Lisa Farrell
Mike Lane
Ralph Copley


Ross Aftel
Gary Weaver


Gabriel Doon

Electric Bass

Mike Finn


Musician Spotlights

A native of Virginia Beach, Ralph Joseph Copley has been performing and teaching music since the early 70s. Ralph is or has been a member of and/or performed in numerous organizations such as: The Tidewater Winds, the Norfolk Symphony, the Virginia Symphony, the Virginia Opera, Williamsburg Symphony, the Peninsula Symphony, the Virginia Beach Pops, the Virginia Beach Symphony, Symphonicity, the Governor's School for the Arts, Tidewater Community College, and with various other orchestras in multiple genres. Ralph is presently residing in VA Beach and still performing and teaching with and in many of the above organizations.HE is a proud member of Tidewater Winds and the Winds are honored to work with him!

Meet Stephanie Sanders, Basoonist! She is a Music Professor at Norfolk State University and has been playing with the Winds for many years! She is happily married and loves jazz! Tidewater Winds is grateful for her talents and support! Thank you Stephanie for your time, talents and musical gifts! 

TW: Undoubtedly, music is an integral part of your life and, I would argue, an important part of all people’s lives. What do you think it is about music that is so moving and inspiring?

RC: Music provides an opportunity to escape from the regular stressors of our daily lives. Listening to music can take us out of ourselves for short periods of time and can help us to work through our emotions. Good memories are often tied to particular songs. Music can bring together people of various backgrounds.

As a performer, you never really know how you can affect the audience. I remember performing in a church service many years ago. I was tired and going through a rough patch, but was there in church, playing music. During a portion of the service where people in the congregation would stand and share, a woman stood and said she had lost her husband earlier that week. She said that the special music provided by the brass group had really touched and helped her that day. I never forgot that lady. She taught me that as a performer, you never know if there is someone listening who really needs to hear your music. I was humbled by what she said and from that point forward, I try to focus and pray before every concert or performance that the music will help someone who needs it to feel better.

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​​Robyn Card of both Tidewater Winds and our friends at Symphonicity,
was recently acknowledged by Tidewater Womens Magazine for her contributions to music in Hampton Roads.