The Memory Project! 
​Aging, Alzheimers and Music

How to contact your local Alzheimers Association for Help! 

HELPLINE: 800.272.3900

​1. Contact Elected Officials
Alzheimer’s will not be cured unless there is money to fund research. Government officials hold the purse-strings, so getting them involved is a crucial part of the process. Even “budget-hawks” have to recognize that, considering the projected costs associated with the disease, research for the cure is money well spent. Let your elected officials in DC know how important finding a cure for Alzheimer’s is. It’s easy to identify and contact your elected officials at Furthermore, as social media gains influence, consider contacting your Senators and U.S. House Legislators through channels like Twitter, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ENDALZ. You can also make a difference at the ballot box by voting for officials who respect science and value medical research.

2. Get Educated
Yes, it’s a cliche, but knowledge is power. Learn more about Alzheimer’s risk factors, treatments, and myths. There are a number of superb books and online resources. site is a great and growing resource as well. If you’re an Alzheimer’s caregiver, reach out for help.

3. Speak Up if You See the Symptoms
If you notice that you or a loved one has the symptoms of Alzheimer’s or a related kind of dementia, make sure a medical appointment is arranged. Don’t just pretend nothing is happening. There’s a good chance what you believe may be Alzheimer’s symptoms is actually normal age related memory loss, but more thorough testing is certainly in order.


Share Your Memories, Pictures and Special Moments of Making Musical Connections! 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please participate in the Tidewater Winds
Memory Project!

So many people who experience memory loss, alzheimers or dementia find connections to their memory's though music. There is wonderful research on the healing power of music, brain-based connections and even slowing the effects of mental aging with music that we cannot ignore its impact. We encourage you to attend our concerts, and find connections for your loved ones experiencing memory loss while socializing with our audience members. We can't cure alzheimers but we can fight it and strengthen our spirits on the way! 


Memory Project Submissions

Submit your memories, pictures, letters and share your aha moments... 
 when music impacts your loved ones life!