The Tidewater Winds League
​"Friends of the Winds"

Michael K. Williams,
Executive Director
Tidewater Winds
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The Volunteer Support Team for the Winds

Maintaining a large Concert Band is no easy task. Furthermore, prividing free programs to our communities and preserving the art is even more challenging. It takes an amazing team of musicians, staff and volunteers to see our mission through. The Tidewater Winds League was formed to organize our friends and volunteers for special project and event support. From fundraising to community outreach, we need our friends and partners on the ground to keep our organization alive and vibrant. From the ushers that help audience members to their seats, to the muscle that helps support our crew in moving our equipment, we often call "All Hands On Deck" for help. If you have an interest in organizing events, experience in marketing, ideas for fundraising, interest in Board support, office management skills or any other skillset that might seem useful... we would love to have your help! This is as much a social group as it is a support group for the Winds. The League meets quarterly and as needed throughout the year. Contact Executive Director, Michael K. Williams for more details and we thank you for your time! 

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