We Thank You!
All 17 Interns were adopted and theWinds Education Program
was a success! 

Adopt And Intern

Intern Adoption Overview

You provided powerful support to the Tidewater Winds Education Initiative by underwriting a student interns experience with the Winds. Your donation offers mentor opportunities with our professional musicians, a Master Class session, performance support  and a powerful experience for our young students. This year, 17 high school and college interns were chosen to enhance our summer concert series and we thank you for your support! 

1. $250 Adoption Pledge

2. Receive information about your student

3. Visit your student after concerts

4. Receive updates, messages and a final thank you note for your support

5. Sit in on the Master Class

6. Visit at our final end of season event

Your suppport went a long way to ensure our students success in music!

Thank you!